You've mastered the world of AI with our Amplified Impact Bootcamp. Now the real journey begins.


You've mastered the world of AI with our Amplified Impact Bootcamp. Now, the real journey begins- Applying that knowledge, driving results, and soaring high to reach your corporate booking goals. But we know going solo can be a bit scary, right? We've all been there.

That's why I have something special just for you...

Think of it as your personal AI hotline...straight to me.

Got a tricky question?

Need a step reviewed?

Or just want to share your latest breakthrough?

I'm all ears and just a Slack message away!

And the best part? I'll get back to you with personalized advice and guidance within 24 to 48 business hours.

No canned responses. No generic advice.

Just real targeted help to propel you forward. You can send documents, videos, contracts, etc. And I'll respond to each and every one each and every time.

Imagine having me in your back pocket to advise you as you need.

Direct Messenger Access:

You'll be able to join exclusive 1-hour live Zoom sessions, designed only for my Slack support clients. You'll get direct coaching and live support, alongside calendar invites to remind you of each session.

Every week, delve into a curated video update where I uncover the latest market trends, share invaluable business tips, introduce you to cutting-edge tools, and spotlight emerging opportunities. Always keeps you ahead of the curve, and it's exclusively available to our Slack Support Clients.

Gain the exclusive advantage of having direct, one-on-one access to me via Slack Messenger for personalized consultations. Whether you have pressing questions, need immediate feedback, or are seeking expert advice, this feature ensures you have a real-time communication link to get the guidance you need, right when you need it.

Bi-weekly Zoom Office Hours:

Exclusive Weekly Video Briefing:

Here's an interesting fact. Our messenger clients who have had this direct support are 73% more likely to achieve their goals than those who haven't. You read that right.

Slack support users boosted their success rates when they had me to guide them through.

Sounds like a game changer, doesn't it?

This is exclusively for those who have completed our Amplified Impact training program.

I want to give you, the dedicated, the committed, the dream chasers, my full attention.

Let's not just maintain your momentum from our sessions.

Let's amplify it.

Join the Success Club!