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Are you an ambitious Speaker or an Entrepreneurial genius, eager to unlock new boundaries and supercharge your reach?

Do you believe in the transformative power of your words or services and are ready to intertwine this with the limitless potential of Artificial Intelligence?

If you're nodding a 'YES!', then it's time you step into the revolution that is 'Amplified Impact'.

Amplified Impact Founder, Amber Aziza

Hey there! I'm Amber Aziza. With two decades of influencing the world through my speaking prowess and a game-changing couple of years harnessing AI in my business, I've learned to navigate the tides of global impact. Now, I'm inviting you to join me on this journey with my 2-day immersive program, 'Amplified Impact'.

In today's dynamic digital age, AI isn't merely a trend - it's a revolution waiting to be unleashed. It's the secret sauce that could catapult your brand to an international stage. With 'Amplified Impact', you will learn the art of crafting persuasive online courses, engaging webinars, and digital products that echo globally.

Introducing Amplified Impact

Amplified Impact is 'Amplified Impact' is a cutting-edge, 2-day live program where you'll learn how to use AI to reduce your workload, increase your capacity, and execute your processes flawlessly... even if technology ain't your jam!

So, is 'Amplified Impact' the catalyst you've been waiting for?

Let's see...

  • You have a powerful message or an innovative offer, and you're looking for a platform to broadcast it globally.

  • You're intrigued by the potential of AI and ready to integrate it into your daily business strategies.

  • You're committed to nurturing a thriving online community around your work. You're set to monetize your speaking or business prowess and in search of the perfect roadmap.

  • You value a strong support network to help navigate your journey to success.

But Amplified Impact isn't for the faint-hearted. If you're reluctant to invest the time and effort, hesitant to learn new tech, or lack passion for your mission, this may not be for you.

10% of all proceeds go to the charity Move In Day Mafia

Ready to propel your business to new heights with AI?

Amplified Impact will equip you with:

  • Insights into cutting-edge AI tools and platforms tailored for your business needs.

  • Techniques to collect, analyze, and interpret data for a robust AI strategy.

  • Expertise to craft and optimize captivating AI-powered content.

  • Skills to measure the success of your AI initiatives and adjust for maximum impact.

  • Techniques to complete projects and processes with no team at all.

10% of all proceeds go to the charity Move In Day Mafia

Here's a glimpse into your 2-day transformational journey:

Supercharging Your Offer with AI

OCTOBER 1, 2023 12pm - 4pm ET

Dive deep into the realm of AI and market research. Learn to identify your target audience, conduct market research at lightning speed, and build your offer using AI.

Pitching, Pricing, and Marketing in Minutes

OCTOBER 29, 2023 12pm - 4pm ET

Time to put theory into action. Harness AI and other automation tools to price, market, and pitch your offer with a competitive edge.

Q&A and Staying Ahead with AI

NOVEMBER 3, 2023 12pm - 1pm ET

Burning questions? I've got answers. This interactive session is your opportunity to clear doubts, gain deeper insights, and stay updated on the rapidly evolving landscape of AI tools.

Excited? I am! I can't wait to guide you through this groundbreaking journey. Ready to unlock your potential and leave a lasting impact? Secure your spot in 'Amplified Impact' today, and let's start revolutionizing the future, one AI-powered message at a time!

As an exclusive offer, this transformative journey is available for an "early adopter" rate of $997. The rate increases on August 5th. Don't miss this opportunity to supercharge your business at a fraction of its true value. Remember, this is an investment, not just in your business, but in your legacy. Sign up now, and together, let's amplify your impact!

  • Three LIVE Zoom Sessions

  • 6-month access to the NEW 5FSA App (value £450)

  • Over 250 prompts to support, grow, and amplify your offer and speech

  • Our weekly push of RFPs, Speaking Opportunities, and Corporate Needs direct to your phone

  • Recording available for those unable to join live

What's included:

10% of all proceeds go to the charity Move In Day Mafia